Ordering the Space of a Computer

Course: ARCH 4010 | Architectural Design IV | Spring 2011 | University of Virginia

Critic: Nana Last

As an introductory project, we were asked to “order the space of a computer.”  I explored the idea that one is able to get lost in a computer; the notion of infinite space within a finite object.  Through a pattern of folding and applying paint using a baster, these pieces take transgressions in the process of making (i.e. when paint bleeds through a fold) and use them to create a secondary order and transformational process against which the original system is read.  Though the process of making was the same for each study, they each took on very different forms, just as when one enters virtual space, they don’t necessarily know where they will end up.

Details of these paintings can be viewed in the image gallery below:



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